Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the questions below to get your questions answered instantly. If these don't quite cover it, our customer support team, available 24/7, will be able to answer them almost as quickly (unless we are on a rakia break).

Why are all the interview time slots grayed out?

In order to book an interview, you need to sign in and fill out a quick profile so we can match your credentials with the job requirements or preferences.

Why do the pay rates change when I sign in?

Pay rates vary based on employer needs and requirements for a position and your credentials, skills, experience, etc.

When should I book an interview – in advance or day of?

Book an interview time slot based on your schedule and availability. However, open interviews are always changing, so if you see something you like, and want to lock it down, we say go for it.

Can I book multiple interviews at a time?

No, you can only be at one place at a time. Don’t be ridiculous.

Is there a limit on how many interviews I can book a day?

You are allowed to book multiple interviews at a time (up to 3 a day) but only once per position. After 60 days, some of our employers do allow you to re-interview for a position.

If something comes up or I mistakenly booked an interview, can I cancel booking?

Yes, you can cancel. We actually recommend that you cancel your interview because employers can rate your interview reliability to prevent ghosting (the awful habit of not showing up for an interview when you said you would be there). Don’t leave anyone hanging. It’s rude.

What if I forget to show up for an interview I booked?

Not showing up for your interview is rude and wastes other people's time. If you don't show up, the interviewer will mark your account as a "no show" and your account falls into a "3 strikes, your out policy" - you will be blocked from booking further interviews.

What if I incorrectly fill out my profile or update with the wrong information?

This is a no-no. To help you get personalized compensation information upfront, it is imperative that you fill in or update your profile correctly. Failure to do so will result in the interviewer logging that your profile was incorrect. The "3 strikes, your out policy" applies here as well.

I’ve forgotten my password – can you help?

You must be mistaking us for one of our competitors. We don’t use passwords here. Instead, we use cookies and your device id to make your experience smoother and more efficient. If you are logged out, we use email verification to get you back up and running to your next interview.

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