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Don’t pay for applications anymore. Only pay for interviews.

Powered By Google Cloud

We leverage Google’s Cloud Talent Solution to transform our search and matching capabilities. This AI solution offers features such as commute search and profile search to provide job seekers and employers with an enhanced talent acquisition experience.

Hire 14 Days Faster

Labor shortages remain a real problem for employers so why is everyone wasting time manually reviewing applications and calling job seekers to setup an interview. Stop wasting valuable time. Winning the war on talent is about speed. We provide qualified job seekers with a revolutionary click-to-inter-view process that is 14x faster than others.

Hire 9x better

Research shows that the majority of job seekers list pay, commute and flexibility at the top of their list when looking for a job. But they stay for different reasons; mainly, due to their direct boss. Thus, we present this info upfront to job seekers so they can make a faster, better employment decision for themselves. Ultimately, this makes it 9x better for you.

Spend less for more

Don’t pay over $8 per application so it can sit in a front-line managers inbox. Those applications go mostly untouched and unviewed. Only pay for scheduled, attended interviews from qualified job seekers using our open interview time slot solution. No-shows are automatically refunded back to your account as credit.

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